New materials tailored to your needs

New materials tailored to your needs

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We perform thin film synthesis of a wide range of materials such as metal alloys, ceramics and oxides using physical vapour deposition techniques.

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Materials analysis

We offer a range of analysis techniques for characterizing materials, from atomic structure to bulk properties.

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Materials design

Using advanced screening techniques we can design new materials tailored to specific applications and offer advice on a variety of materials science related issues.

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Grein Research are

Árni Sigurður Ingason

Managing director

Tryggvi Kr. Tryggvason

Senior R&D Specialist

Davíð Ingvi Snorrason

Project Manager

Friðrik Magnus

Executive partner

Unnar Arnalds

Executive partner

Kristinn B. Gylfason

Executive partner

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Grein Research acquires new sputtering system

Grein Research has acquired a new sputtering system, capable of coating wafers up to four inches in diameter. The system has a fast turnaround time and will be used for metallic coatings, amorphous alloys and nitrides.

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