About us

The Grein Research Team

Managing Director
Árni Sigurður Ingason
Árni Sigurður Ingason ― Managing Director

Árni Sigurður has a PhD in Materials Physics and worked previously as a researcher at Linköping University, Sweden. His expertise is in thin film deposition of complex alloys for hard coatings, electronics and hydrogen storage, X-ray structural and chemical characterisation of materials as well as the design and construction of ultrahigh vacuum systems.

Senior R&D Specialist
Tryggvi Kr. Tryggvason
Tryggvi Kr. Tryggvason ―
Senior R&D Specialist

Tryggvi joined Grein Research in 2016. He has a BSc. in Physics from the University of Iceland. He has an extensive knowledge of thin film growth and material analysis. Tryggvi also maintains and designs new components for the Ultra High Vacuum systems at Grein Research.

Executive Partner
Friðrik Magnus
Friðrik Magnus ― Executive Partner

Friðrik has a PhD in Solid State Physics and has worked as a researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden, and the University of Iceland. His expertise is in development of magnetic materials and nanostructures for electronics and information technology, structural and magnetic characterisation as well as electrical properties of materials. His work also includes the development of novel ionised physical vapour deposition techniques and design of growth systems.

Executive Partner
Unnar Arnalds
Unnar Arnalds ― Executive Partner

Unnar has a PhD in Materials Physics and is currently an assistant research professor at the Science Institute, University of Iceland. His expertise includes surface and thin film characterisation, design and construction of research instrumentation, nano-patterning using electron-beam and optical lithography and magnetic and structural investigations of nano-structures.

Executive Partner
Kristinn B. Gylfason
Kristinn B. Gylfason ― Executive Partner

Kristinn has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is currently an assistant professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His expertise is in nanoscale optical systems for sensing and communications, such as integrated optical waveguide based biosensors for medical diagnostics and tunable photonic circuits for reconfigurable optical networks. His work includes the design and fabrication of such systems, mostly in silicon and related materials, using techniques such as electron beam lithography, plasma etching and thin-film deposition.