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Grein Research receives grant from the Icelandic Centre for Research

Grein Research has received a grant from the Technology Development Fund of the Icelandic Centre for Research to develop protective nanocoatings for geothermal power generation applications. The project is a collaboration between Grein, the University of Iceland and the Innovation Center Iceland and has a duration of three years.

Geothermal power generation involves the operation of steam turbines in a high temperature, highly corrosive environment. The degradation of turbine parts (most notably the turbine blades) contributes to a high maintenance cost of geothermal power installations. Coating of turbine parts with corrosion resistant hard coatings can significantly improve the lifetime of geothermal installations and allow operation at even higher temperatures with increased efficiency, thus contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increased sustainable energy production.

During the course of the project, Grein will carry out the development of tailored coatings with high temperature stability, high corrosion resistance and high hardness. A systematic screening of materials will be carried out and tests performed in geothermal boreholes. The most suitable candidates will then be selected for upscaling to industrial processing.